About Ke

A photography mad, football-loving, chartered builder with a passion for writing, my beautiful collie pup and swearing at crap cinema.

Rationale behind Ke Creative

Hi I’m Kieran and I love photography and writing.  I’ve set up Ke Creative to share some of my work – a dumping ground for my favourite pics.  Ultimately I’ll blog about my learnings, get a little video up and inject a splash of creative writing.  One of these days I’ll learn how to use PhotoShop.

Ultimately the site will link to others.  I’m talking about the outstanding, inspirational talents who have been sharing material online a long time before I began doing so.  I’m in awe of all of you.

About KE Rev2

        Favourite Quotes

“The only way to discover the limits of possible is to go beyond them into the impossible”, by Arthur.C.Clarke

“Hell is other people”,  by Jean-Paul Sartre (on a bad day)

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